Marbella Fashion Photographer with Carlotta D.

Marbella Fashion Photographer with Carlotta D.

Resident in Hawaii and summering in Marbella, German model Carlotta D. is the star of this fashion photo session I did to test and debut my new Fuji Xpro2 in a luxurious villa in the Los Monteros area, one of my favorites in Marbella.


Just bought this Summer my new Fuji X-Pro2 mounts a fixed optic 35mm f1.4, 50mm in universal pitch. I had been wanting to work with this camera/optic system for a long time to establish a more intimate relationship with the model and thus the achievement of the images. For me the telemetric viewfinder, at the side of the camera, is the first step in this more direct relationship with the model since the photographer’s face is not totally covered by the camera and that is how I always maintain a continuous visual contact with the model, more direct, warmer and less intimidating. The end result, you can tell.


It was in the pool shots where I could most appreciate the short focal length of the lens, used to working with focal lengths from 100mm, “diving” with it in the water and taking some very direct and close shots. My concerns are totally materialized with this “mirrorless” Fuji that will allow me to continue making more intimate portraits and fashionable images.

Client: Marbella Fashion Photography

Project: Fashion Editorial in Marbella

Material: Fuji Xpro-2, Canon Eos 5d